This bizarre animation perfectly sums up the ‘gay cake’ row



You’re probably already tired of stories about homophobic bakers refusing to make gay wedding cakes – but this one has a twist


Earlier this week, Colorado bakery ‘Masterpiece Cakeshop’ become the latest to be told by a court that it is not allowed to refuse to make cakes for gay weddings.

The incident is the latest in a long long long line of similar cases – from Oregon’s Sweet Cakes By Melissa to Northern Ireland’s Ashers Bakery, there’s apparently no shortage of ignorant bakers in the world.

However, a group of Taiwanese Animators have attempted to breathe fresh life in to the row – with a bizarre animation.

The clip features bakery owner Jack Phillips, who insisted it was his religious right to not bake a cake for the wedding of Charlie Craig and David Mullins.

He is pictured in a Christ-like denial – before crying as the more successful bakeries get all the business from happy gay people.

The animation is plenty quirky, however – also featuring him baking a same-sex couple into a cake and putting up a ‘no homo’ sign.

The group specialises in satirising current events in their animations – recently bringing to life the row at online news site Gawker, after an article ‘outing’ a businessman was pulled down.

The Gawker staff were portrayed as babies with assault rifles – while the businessman was shown being literally ‘forced’ out of the closet