The Tearoom: the gay cruising 

The TearoomThe game is a foot, but that is probably in some peoples dream.  The Tearoom being referred to here is that of the men’s toilet, where before the law was changed, and indeed even afterwards, men who wanted ‘gay sex’ use to frequent and attempt to have sex or do a pick up without the police catching them.

Often the police use to have sting operations using ‘molly boys’ or ‘honey traps’ where they used young men (sometimes underage or new policemen) to frequent these areas, lead the man on, and then arrest him.

This practice is still being used today by ISIS, as can be seen the article ‘Islamic State’s secret flirting squads expose gay men for trial and execution’ published by the Daily Star Sunday, In may 2015

To add to this, Sean McGouran brought to my attention that there was a ballet / dance about such things Joseph Mercier’s Cruising, Clubbing Fucking: An Elegy – he mentioned that he had performed in Belfast a number of times (at the OutBurst festival).

He and dancer Sebastian Langueneur ended up in their birthday suits…


TRAILER Cruising, Clubbing, Fucking: an elegy from PanicLab on Vimeo.

Further reading:


Robert Yang has created a ‘dick pic simulator’ and a game about consent and BDSM. Now he’s tackling the risks surrounding gay sex in the 60s

Source: The Tearoom: the gay cruising game challenging industry norms | Technology | The Guardian

Russian State Ballet Company of Siberia – The Nutcracker

I love music in just about any form – jazz, classical, pop, big band, opera, ballet – they all have their place on my music shelf.

I also love the theatre, and the nuances that you pick up from a live performance, and of course opera which combines music and live acting performances.

But until last month, whilst I loved ballet music, and have watched numerous performances on television, I had not been grabbed by ballet.  But this changed.  Last month I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the Russian State Ballet of Siberia’s performance of ‘The Nurcracker’ in the Belfast Opera House.  This is a young but not inexperienced ballet company, who are presently touring the UK with four ballets; The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, La Fille mal gardee, Coppelia.

As I have said, I was lucky enough to see The Nutcracker on Friday night [23 January 2015].  The theatre was packed, indeed I saw one baby their with its parents – and it didn’t cry once.

The sets and costumes by Christina Fyodorova, are bright and well suited to each of the performers and different points of the story.  And Anatoliy Chepurnoy’s conducting of both the orchestra and his interaction with the audience was wonderful.


The accompanying booklet is lavish, beautifully produced and covers all four ballets, and is well worth the purchase price.

I am now a convert to live ballet, particularly if it keeps with the very high standard that this ballet company has produced.  I for one will be looking forward to their return – the sooner the better.