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Law equality and the Gay Cake Case

Missing a slice of cake

This article is a concise and accurate report on the law surrounding the case known as the ‘Gay Cake’ case.  It wasn’t prosecutorial zeal which led to the court case, it was a company which failed understand the basic tenets of law and in particular contract law.

The court case was not brought by Gareth Lee, all he wanted was a cake, the case was taken up by the Equality Commission as it believed that the baker had broken the law. Subsequently, this has been proved correct by the original judgement and the Appeal Court.

No one is above the law, if we are to be a fair and equitable society we must ‘ALL’ comply with and live by the law.  If we don’t like a law, then we have legal remedies, and in the final resort, we can challenge the government.


Less prosecutorial zeal may be the easiest way to address such issues

Source: The great Belfast bake-off: Asher’s ‘gay cake’ decision

‘Gay cake’ row: born-again Christian bakers lose court appeal | UK news | The Guardian

The Cake and Ashers'Court Case Settled. A lot has been written over the months regarding this court case, and indeed some of it was factually wrong.  The facts were that an order was placed with no intention of setting up any individual, business or organisation up for in-adverse publicity.  A contract was entered into, and money was exchange – a normal business transaction.  Therefore the contract should have been honoured, possibly with a note to the person who placed the order that the business would not be able to fulfil any future orders of this nature.

A judgement from the court has now been made, the decision reach, and it is now time to step back and try to move on amicably.

Judges uphold ruling that Ashers Bakery discriminated against gay man by refusing to make cake with pro-gay marriage slogan

Source: ‘Gay cake’ row: born-again Christian bakers lose court appeal | UK news | The Guardian

Check out the amazing cakes baked by these school kids for LGBT History Month

The cakes were produced during the grand final of the ‘Ed-u-bake and Cel-a-cake’ Great Rainbow Bake Off: a UK-wide competition for students to help tackle LGBT prejudice

The winning cake

Scott Nunn

The live final of the inaugural Great Rainbow Bake-off competition took place at Stoke Newington School yesterday (6 February). The nationwide competition was launched for school children last year during the UK’s annual anti-bullying week.

Students were invited to bake a rainbow-themed cake or cupcakes and to send photos of the resulting treats to competition organizers, Educate & Celebrate.

From the submitted photos, ten finalists were selected. They were invited to the grand final yesterday, which was officially started by Elly Barnes, CEO and founder of Educate & Celebrate:

‘We welcome the 10 finalists, parents, teachers and families to our first live Great Rainbow Bake-off final. The standard was set in the heats and now we are ready for some top quality rainbow baking to celebrate ten years of LGBT History Month.’

Allegra McEvedy

Also on hand was Scott Nunn, Director of Gay Star News and one of the judges of the competition. The other judge was professional chef, Allegra McEvedy [pictured right]. The children were asked to bake a cake celebrating the theme of ‘LGBT History’.

Among the amazing entries produced on the day was one creation decorated with rainbow colored icing to mark ‘100 year LGBT milestones’, including ‘gender reassignment surgery’ and ‘same sex adoption’ as historical highlights.

Durham’s Hamsterley Primary School’s entry was a team effort by three students to produce ‘gender-bread’ men and LGBTI cupcakes on a journey to LGBTI inclusion. The concept was explained by the head teacher of the school, Damian Hassan:

‘This is about children working together to produce a coherent whole. Our school has been 100% behind the bake-off and everyone in the community has also been supportive.’

Prizes included a meal for four at Allegra McEvedy’s restaurant Blackfoot at Exmouth Market in London as well as two signed books by teen fiction author Hayley Long. All the children received ‘Educate & Celebrate’ aprons made by Zitta Lomax, a teacher supporting the event, and GayStarNews tote bags with cookery goodies.

Rainbow history cake

Teachers at the school also got involved and brought their cakes in to be judged. The winner, Anna Gluckstein, produced a cake in memory of Alan Turing:

‘Celebrating LGBT History Month is part of the culture at Stoke Newington School and this bake-off has been a way of bringing staff and students together in a really positive way.’

All the judges agreed that the standard of entries was very high, with all the students demonstrating impressive skills.
At the end of the day Elly Barnes who was one of the judges said:

‘All the finalists produced thoughtful and inspiring cakes representing LGBT History,’ said Elly Barnes. ‘It was virtually impossible to choose a winner, however we all agreed that the cake which fulfilled all the criteria was the pink triangle cake by Jude from Stoke Newington School, which won on theme, style and taste!

‘It was a successful day and we are already looking forward to next years entries for anti-bullying week November 2015.’

Jude Costley’s cake was a bold and delicious design featuring multi-colored hundreds and thousands and bright pink triangles. Runners up were fellow Stoke Newington School pupil, Liam Charles, and Sadie Soverall, from London’s Emmanuel School in Battersea Rise.

‘It was an amazing and fun day,’ said Scott Nunn. ‘Congratulations to everyone who took part.’


Rainbow Bake Off winning cake

The winning ‘Pink Triangle’ cake (above) by Jude Costley
Rainbow Bake Off

Sadie Soverall

An entrant with her ‘Lesbians Do Exist’ cake
Rainbow runner-up

Liam Charles and his runners-up entry

Frida Kahlo cake

A cake inspired by artist Frida Kahlo
LGBT History Month Cake

Sadie Soverall with her colorful runners-up entry
Genderbread People

‘Genderbread people’!
Judging the cakes

Scott Nunn, Allegra McEvedy and Elly Barnes judge the cakes
Rainbow Bake Off finalists

The finalists and their finished entries

Edu-cake and Cele-bake

Photos by Samantha Hayhurst and Scott Nunn

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