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We know you can’t catch “gay” and you can’t cure it either – but around the world, extremist groups are promoting dangerous “therapy” sessions and seminars to “fix” people for who they love, using tactics from degrading verbal abuse to painful electroshocks and drugs.


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How many UK doctors still think gays can be ‘cured’?



NHS ambulance


A large proportion of health workers in the UK still believe being LGBT can be ‘cured’.

According to new research from LGBT charity Stonewall, 10 percent of NHS and private sector health workers have been in a situation where a colleague has expressed the belief that being LGBT is curable.

Shockingly, the percentage jumps to 22 in London.

Polling conducted by YouGov for PinkNews earlier this year revealed that Londoners are the least likely in Great Britain to support a gay or transgender child.

3,001 health and social care professionals were surveyed in the Unhealthy Attitudes study, which was released today.

Overall it found that LGBT people still face discrimination from healthcare professionals.

A quarter of staff working with patients had heard their colleagues make negative comments about lesbian, gay or bisexual people such as “poof” or “dyke”, in the past five years.

Words like “tranny” and “she-male” were also often heard by respondents with one in five saying they had heard such negative language.

Sixty percent of staff who have direct contact with patients said they had heard discriminatory remarks about lesbian, gay and bisexual people and had not reported it.

Bullying in the workplace was also still found to be a common occurrence, with over a quarter of lesbian, gay or bisexual staff saying they had experienced homophobic or biphobic bullying in the past five years.

Worryingly, training on how to deal with LGBT issues appeared to be missing for a lot of staff.

Many said they had little to no diversity training, and some questioned whether or not it was necessary.

Nearly three-quarters of staff with patient access said they had received specific training on the health needs of LGB patients.

Even those who had diversity training still lacked knowledge, with a quarter of those who had received it saying they were told about the legal rights of transgender patients.

Over a quarter, 28 percent, of doctors said they did not feel equipped to respond to the specific healthcare needs of trans patients, and 15 percent said the same for LGB people.

More than half said they did not think sexual orientation was relevant to healthcare needs.

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall chief executive, said: “Health and social care services have a duty to treat people fairly and equally. Yet, as this report shows, there are worrying gaps in knowledge and training relating to LGBT people.

“This is creating a healthcare system that treats both its LGBT patients and colleagues unfairly leading to inevitable on-going health inequalities.

“Unhealthy Attitudes also contains some truly shocking revelations, such as evidence that high numbers of patient-facing staff witness colleagues stating their belief in a gay ‘cure’. This is incredibly harmful and dangerous and should be publicly denounced immediately.”

Stonewall now calls on the Government to publicly condemn the controversial practice of gay ‘cure’ therapy, and for a visible anti-bullying campaign across the NHS

Police investigating ‘gay cure’ charity leaflets distributed on election day

Editorial: Just a few weeks after the pyschology fraternity have asked for a consistent approach to the ‘gay cure’ in that they say it is not valid or safe to use, we have another group deciding what is in the best interests of us!

'Gay cure' leaflets distributed on election day investigated by police
The leaflets, distributed on election day (Pic: Twitter)

New leaflets supporting a charity that claims homosexuality can be ‘cured’ are being investigated by police, after they were distributed on election day.

The leaflets were left on seats on the Metropolitan Line, which goes to Uxbridge, where Boris Johnson was elected as MP.

They carried support for Christian charity the Core Issues Trust, which clashed with Mayor of London Mr Johnson over adverts booked to appear on London buses.

The group wanted to put signs on buses stating: ‘Not gay! Ex-gay, Post-gay and Proud. Get over it.’

But Mr Johnson had the adverts banned.

These fresh leaflets accuse Mr Johnson of saddling the charity with a £100,000 legal bill.

It is being investigated by British Transport Police.

Distribution of election day could be a breach of election laws, and could also be against Transport for London rules.

Duty Officer Anthony Capon told BuzzFeed: ‘We are aware of an issue relating to the distribution of politically motivated leaflets on rail services on the Metropolitan line during the course of Thursday, 7 May.’

Core Issues Trust’s website states: ‘Core is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

‘It respects the rights of individuals who identify as “gay” who do not seek change, and supports dignity for LGBT persons.’

Lord Black, the Telegraph's Boss, renews campaign to ban ‘gay cure’ therapy in the UK

PinkNews Exclusive

Lord Black vowed to have 'gay cure' therapy banned in the UK

Lord Black vowed to have ‘gay cure’ therapy banned in the UK

The Executive Director of the Telegraph Media Group Lord Black, has said the NHS agreeing to stop referring patients to ‘gay cure’ therapy is a good first step, but vowed to have the practice banned in the UK.

NHS England has signed a pledge meaning staff have been instructed not to facilitate access to gay “cure” therapy.

Despite the NHS not offering gay conversion therapy directly, some patients seeking to change their sexuality have been connected to organisations which do provide it by NHS staff.

The Executive Director of the Telegraph Media Group, Lord Black, is running a campaign which calls on the Government to ban the widely condemned practice of gay conversion therapy.

Lord Black told PinkNews: “This is a massive step in the right direction and it should be warmly welcomed. But there is more to do. I will continue the campaign to have this insidious ‘treatment’ banned in the UK. “

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder back in 1990, and gay “cure” therapies have been widely condemned by health bodies across the world.

The practice of gay “cure”, or “conversion” therapy is widely criticised as harmful to recipients. At least two states in the US have passed legislation banning the practice on minors.

During the debates on same-sex marriage, Lord Black, who helped lead the campaign in the House of Lords in favour of equality said: “I am in a civil partnership with somebody with whom I have been together for nearly a quarter of a century. I love him very much and nothing would give me greater pride than to marry him.”


UKIP MEP Roger Helmer  last year claimed the NHS should fund ‘gay cure’ therapy.