GLAAD discontinues report on TV’s LGBT characters!


All major networks were 'adequate' or above (Photo: Empire, Fox)

All major networks were ‘adequate’ or above (Photo: Empire, Fox)

Media charity GLAAD has announced it will no longer publish an annual report monitoring the quantity, quality, and diversity of LGBT representation on TV.

The charity this week published its ninth annual Network Responsibility Index, which identifies TV networks who have excelled at representing LGBT people, storylines and characters, as well as those who have failed to do so.

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However, as the report enters its ninth year, nearly all US TV networks are ranked ‘adequate’ or above – with the FOX network becoming the first major broadcaster to be ranked ‘excellent’

The charity confirmed that its new report will also be the last.

GLAAD CEO & President Sarah Kate Ellis said: “The ninth edition of the NRI marks the first time in the report’s history that a major broadcast network – FOX – received an ‘Excellent’ as a grade.

“This milestone highlights real change across the media landscape – especially considering that the network received a ‘Failing’ grade in the NRI’s first two editions.”

She added: “GLAAD’s Network Responsibility Index has helped reshape the television landscape, inspiring LGBT characters and storylines that move acceptance forward.

“As representations of LGBT people in the media continue to rise in number, pushing television networks to make those representations more diverse is more crucial than ever. This requires a different set of tools than the NRI provides, and as such GLAAD will shift focus to its annual TV diversity and transgender reports.”

The organisation will now focus on its annual Where We Are On TV Report – which focuses more on the diversity of LGBT images.

Monitoring the original prime-time programming of major network, the final NRI awarded the grades:
Excellent: ABC Family and FOX
Good: ABC, CW, FX, HBO, MTV, Showtime
Adequate: CBS, NBC, TLC, TNT, USA
Failing: A&E, History

ABC Family, which was ranked excellent alongside FOX, hit a record high with 74% of original programming including LGBT people or characters – of whom 79% were lesbians and 49% were people of colour. It also featured a transgender character played by a transgender actor.

Meanwhile, FOX won praise for representing LGBT people of colour on hit shows including Empire and Gotham

GLAAD: LGBT Characters All But Disappeared in Movies

GLAAD’s 2015 survey reports that only 17.5 percent of Hollywood studio films featured LGBT characters — and gives failing grades to Sony and Disney.

Republished from The Advocate: BY ADAM SANDEL  APRIL 15 2015 11:40 AM ET

GLAAD monitored films such as The Interview with Eminem.

GLAAD monitored films such as The Interview with Eminem.

In its third annual survey of LGBT representation in Hollywood movies, GLAAD reports that only 17.5 percent of studio releases featured queer characters — and many of them appear only fleetingly.

No studio earned an “excellent” grade in GLAAD’s report. Warner Bros. was graded “good,” Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount and Universal were deemed “adequate,” while Sony and Disney “failed.”

Although fewer defamatory LGBT images appeared in Hollywood films than in years past, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Horrible Bosses 2, and the Will Ferrell comedy Get Hard featured damaging attitudes and stereotypes.

“More inclusive portrayals of LGBT characters are being seen on television and through streamed content than ever before,” says GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “But according to GLAAD’s third annual Studio Responsibility Index, released today, America’s major film studios lag far behind other media when it comes to nuanced portrayals of LGBT people.” Ellis also explores the findings of this year’s report in this Hollywood Reporter column.

Read the complete 2015 Studio Responsibility Index.

GLAAD monitored films such as The Interview with Eminem.