WATCH: Girl, 7, takes down 'homophobic' preacher with one simple act


BRAVE little girl fends off anti-gay street preacher with one defiant act.

By Laura Mitchell / Published 3rd July 2015

Little girl with rainbow flag and Christian street preacher

Little girl with rainbow flag and Christian street preacher

LOVE WINS: A Brave little girl stood in front of a street preacher with her rainbow flag [YOUTUBE ]
In this moving clip, Zea, proudly stands in front of a homophobic preacher holding her rainbow flag.

The 7-year-old first grader stood fast as the man leaned down into the little girl’s face and yelled.

He said: “You could live a life that’s filled with his redeeming power, you’d have somebody to look after you, to love you and get you through your life.

“Jesus Christ would give you that, this world will not give you that.”

Seemingly unfazed by his aggressive stance, the Ohio girl stared heroically back into his face the entire time.

Holding her rainbow flag out in front of her, she proved that sometimes, the loudest voice is the one that doesn’t say a word.

Soon, someone in the crowd runs up to Zea and gives her a high five. This starts a flurry of approving high-fives and fist bumps from impressed onlookers.

The moving moment happened at Columbus, Ohio’s annual music and arts festival ComFest.

This year it happened to be taking place on Friday when the Supreme Court gave marriage rights to the nation’s LGBT citizens.

The fest turned into an impromptu pride celebration, but unfortunately some in attendance took it as an excuse to preach anti-gay sentiments.

But little Zea taught as all a lesson in love as she stood firm in the face of hate over the weekend.

Little girl being high-fived by woman

Little girl being high-fived by woman

PROUD: The 7-year-old’s action were met with high-fives from the crowd [YOUTUBE ]
Proud dad Ryan Bowling posted video of the remarkable confrontation on YouTube and it has since gone viral – receiving over 4 million views.

Alain Bruno commented: “What a brave little girl.”

Once again, #LoveWins.

The original photo, taken by Zea’s father Ryan Bowling, which has gone insanely viral on the Internet, has been turned into a t-shirt, with proceeds going to Zea as well as an LGBT nonprofit to be chosen by her family.

Election 'Fever'

Susan Anne White Independent CandidateWhen we heard that Ms Susan-Anne White was standing as an independent candidate standing for MP in Northern Ireland and has apparently  said she would criminalise adultery and homosexuality, according to a leaflet posted online; we had to take a look at her campaign.


Her manifesto,

For NIGRA what is interesting is that May 2014 Ms White, a Trillick woman,  stood as a candidate for the Omagh area.  At this time we had tried to find out more about Ms White, and were able to come across the a document intorducting the Society and Family Enterprise Party (SAFE) which she stated she belonged to, we again reprint this for your education:

Introducing the


Preliminary Policy proposals

Based upon a radical return to the Judeo-Christian heritage of Western civilization, the alarming moral, social and political crises of our times demand the vision and values of this new party.

Believing that the basic unit of society is the family, at the heart of the SAFEagenda is the reaffirmation of properly-defined marriage and family cohesion. Domestic disintegration is the main cause of our social and political decline. A return to well-established parenting is imperative. The recovery and rectification of fatherhood and motherhood roles is essential to disciplined, happy and well-adjusted child-rearing. The tax system should favour families.


We need to be:

SAFE from growing homosexual militancy (Section 28 being restored).

SAFE from the Darwinian-driven ‘pc’ educational agenda (and inappropriate sex instruction).

SAFE from the neo-fascist and resource-draining EU (impacting our military and other capabilities).

SAFE from the islamification of our culture (with state-assisted emigration of Muslims).

SAFE from every category of criminality (political and corporate, major and petty).

SAFE from decadent priests in apostate churches (Roman Catholic, Anglican and others).

SAFE from over-sexualised and over-violent entertainment (with internet regulation).

SAFE from unethical economics (principled investment, with just pricing and honest labelling).

SAFE from corrupt career politicians (especially those pursuing a ‘gay’ agenda).

SAFE from anti-democratic ‘left’ and ‘right’ extremism (with liberty for peaceable minorities).

This SAFE proposal is floated for your interest.

Dr Alan C. Clifford (a Pastor of the Reformed Faith, with no personal political ambitions, simply a desire to motivate others who might have a patriotic conscience and a concern to do good in these evil days).

‘There shall be showers of blessing…They shall be SAFE in their land; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I have broken the bands of their yoke and delivered them from the hand of those who enslaved them’ (Ezekiel 34: 26-7).

‘Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the LORD. For me to write the same things to you is not tedious, but for you it is SAFE’(Philippians 3: 1).


As we have said before, before you vote make certain you know what the candidate stands for, and vote carefully, we may have them in power for 5 years ruling our lives!


Amnesty International UK


Two men accused of homosexuality subjected to anal examinations  

Trial comes in same week as Uganda looks set to sign anti-gay bill 

Amnesty International is calling on Zambian authorities to end the persecution of individuals based on their perceived sexual orientation. It comes as the trial of two Zambian men accused of having sex “against the order of nature” is set to conclude next Tuesday.

James Mwape and Philip Mubiana have been imprisoned since May 2013. Both men, aged 22, were subjected to forcible anal examinations by government doctors in an attempt to “prove” their involvement in sexual activity. These examinations are tantamount to torture.

Amnesty regards both men to be prisoners of conscience and is calling for their immediate and unconditional release.

Simeon Mawanza, Amnesty International’s Zambia Researcher said: “There has been a string of violent attacks and state prosecutions of people believed to be gay or lesbian in Zambia.

Police as well as members of the public have carried out homophobic attacks on individuals perceived to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. These attacks have been instigated by a series of inflammatory statements made by senior government officials instructing the public to report anyone they suspect of being a homosexual or “promoting homosexuality.”

Zambian authorities must end their cycle of oppressive, violent and degrading treatment of LGBTI people. Amnesty demands they honour their obligation under international law to investigate and prevent further homophobic attacks.

Notes to editors:
The trial of James Mwape and Philip Mubiana is expected to conclude at the magistrate court in Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia on 25 February when the court gives the verdict. If convicted they face at up to 14 years in prison. In 2013 Amnesty documented the rise of homophobia across sub-Saharan Africa in its report Making Love a Crime: Criminalisation of same-sex conduct in sub-Saharan Africa. To arrange an interview please contact the Amnesty press office.


Amnesty International UK media information:
Meera Pattni: 020 7033 1548020 7033
Out of hours: 07721 39898407721
Follow us on Twitter: @Newsfromamnesty
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'The Laramie Project'

The Matthew Shepard Story

The Matthew Shepard Story

The story of Matthew Shepard
Location and Time:  Thursday 1st August 2012, the Metropolitan Arts Centre theatre; an intimate theatre of approximately 112 seats.

The play was ‘The Laramie Project’ which was written by Moses Kaufmann and members of the Tyectonic Theater Project, but our production was performed and orchestrated by the Dundonald Association of Music and Drama (DAMD) sponsored by the Police Service of N Ireland (PSNI) and The Rainbow Project.
The Laramie Project is a verbatim play about the reaction to the torture and murder of Matthew Shepard in 1998; The Angels during the rallyhe was a young gay man who was robbed, viciously beaten and left tied to a fence to die. Although he was soon found by the police and hospitalized, he soon expired.  Matthew was a student in Laramie, Wyoming and this play is based on a series of interviews conducted with Laramie residents in the aftermath of his murder.  Matthew’s murder focused attention on the lack of hate crime legislation in various states including Wyoming.
DAMD were formed in July 2009 by Melissa Smith.  DAMD’s artistic mission is to engage their community in theatre that makes you think or blink with tears).  ‘If we can inspire, nurture, challenge, amaze, educate or empower artists and audiences b y providing a quality performing arts experience then we retire happily with our bedtime cocoa.’

The stage setting consisted of eight chairs with a ‘goodies’ box beside each containing various individual props, and a stand for the presenter who guided us through the performance.
The performance was riveting, and it indeed did bring this audience member to tears as he remembered the harrowing news items from the time, and how utterly soul destroying the story was as it unfolded, including the trial.  The subsequent theatre production and also the movie release with of the Laramie Project and also the Matthew Shepard Story with Sam Waterston as the father of Matthew kept the story alive and in people minds, and continued to pile pressure on the USA legislature and government and local states.
DAMD’s performance was startling real, the accents were faultless ( at least to my ears), and the minimlist stage setting helped to focus attention on the dialogue, the speakers and the story.
The Laramie Project is often used as a method to teach about prejudice and tolerance in personal, social, and health education and citizenship in schools, and it has also been used in the UK as a General Certificate of Secondary Education text for English literature.  Having just been to an event during Belfast Pride about how our N Ireland Library Service for Schools is currently unable to provide the service needed for LGBT youth, and that a survey of LGBT books in school libraries only returned one item throughout Northern Ireland, it would seem that we need to put on more productions of this play, and especially try to get it seen within our school and college systems.


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