Trans Man Walks Naked Through A Town In Powerful And Heartbreaking Music Video


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Published on 19 Oct 2015

Music video by Will Young performing Brave Man. (C) 2015 Will Young, under exclusive license to XIX Management UK Limited and Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

A compelling new music video from artist Will Young follows a transgender man as he strips down in a British pub and walks naked through a seaside town.

The video for “Brave Man” follows the young man as he experiences adversity and ridicule while through the town naked. At the end of the video, the viewer discovers that he has, at some point in his life, transitioned.

“Through tough times embracing myself as someone ‘different’ allowed me to embrace all differences in others, to embrace their vulnerability and their struggles as well as their inner strength and determination to be their true authentic selves,” Young reportedly stated. “When I wrote the song, this is what I was referring to  — the determination in modern life to be my authentic self. In this video we see a man determined to be himself in the face of all adversity from inside and outside.”

Check out the “Brave Man” video for yourself above.

Men United for Prostate Cancer UK

GT Hunks

Men are getting naked and wet for charity

Half naked men are getting soaking wet for charity. Yes, you read that correctly, you have the perfect excuse to give to charity and enjoy naked hot guys.

Mark Lister is showcasing 14 half naked men soaked in water to try to raise over £10,000 for the charity Prostate Cancer UK.

He’s calling the fundraising campaign: Project Soaked.

© Mark Lister

“I’m looking forward to launching Project Soaked,” says Mark, “and I’m delighted to be raising awareness and much needed money to help beat prostate cancer.”

© Mark Lister

The money raised will go to supporting Men United, a movement by prostate cancer UK “for everyone who believes men are worth fighting for.”

“The more I read and the more I spoke to people about it, the more I realised that most men don’t actually know what the prostate is or what it does.” Lister says. Men United has gained more than 230,000 people pledging their support since its launch over 12 months ago.

© Mark Lister

Mark Bishop, Director of Fundraising at Prostate Cancer UK said: “It’s fantastic to see that Mark has decided to take on this challenge to raise funds for Prostate cancer UK. By doing this he and everyone involved are joining Men United and helping to make a real difference in furthering the fight against prostate cancer.”

© Mark Lister

By fundraising for Men United, big or small, you’d be helping push for real change, from more effective testing to better treatment. So why not take the step and buy the saucy calendar, we’re sure you can find somewhere to hang it.

Get the calendar via from 15th August – January 2016.

Anyone with concerns about prostate cancer can contact prostate cancer UK’s specialist Nurses in confidence on 0800 074 8383 or via online live chat, instant messaging service: .

Words Iona McGregor – Nelson, @i0na95

Britain's Got Totally starkers: Winners strip naked for racy gay magazine shoot

BRITAIN’S Got Talent winners Collabro discuss their body hang-ups as they bare all for Attitude magazine.


The five singers shot to fame when they emerged triumphant on the ITV talent show in 2014 and were immediately signed by Simon Cowell’s Syco label.Since then, Michael Auger, Richard Hadfield, Jamie Lambert, Matthew Pagan and Thomas J Redgrave have had two hit albums and are touring the world.

But stripping to their birthday suits for an outrageous shoot has got to be their boldest move yet.

The pop-opera superstars have stripped off and let it all hang out for the cameras.

“We’re five normal young lads. We all go to the gym but we’re not obsessed with having a beautiful body. We just try to stay healthy,” said Jamie.

Clearly none of the lads are ashamed of their bodies, but despite being chart-topping pop stars with thousand of adoring fans, some of the boys reveal that they have suffered from serious body image issues.

Collabro naked photo shoot LOVES HIMSELF: Collabro naked photo shoot [ATTITUDE]
Richard said: “When I was at school I was teased about being heavy and I have to admit it did upset me.“Then I realised I had a body built for rugby so did that.

“When my rugby career was over, I lost a lot of weight dropping from 18st to 15st.

“Then in Collabro I put the weight back on and when we did the Royal Variety performance people said, ‘Oh he’s gotten fatter since BGT’.

“I made a conscious effort to get healthy again.

“Not for vain reasons, if you’re on stage every night, you just don’t want to eat crap, otherwise you’ll end up getting run down.

“If you are confident in yourself, and you accept what you were born with, then that makes you sexy.”

Collabro naked photo shootFROM FAT TO FIT: Richard from Collabro opens up [ATTITUDE]
The raunchy shoot is for the first national British gay magazine Attitude, and openly gay band member Jamie reveals that he didn’t even feel confident enough in his own body to start dating when he started university.He said: “I have to admit I had body dysmorphia when I was at uni.

“I was big as a teenager and I would look in the mirror and not see what was looking back at me. I felt very alone and was very self-conscious and my self-esteem collapsed.

“All I would eat was lettuce and runner beans. I ate just enough to live off but it wasn’t healthy.

Collabro naked photo shootCOMFORTABLE: The boys are clearly at ease with eachother’s bodys [ATTITUDE]
“At one point I weighed 10st which — bearing in mind I’m over 6 foot — is tiny. I can’t pinpoint why it happened, but I was never happy with the way I looked and I suffered from anxiety.”It was only when I changed universities that things seemed to get better. My diet improved and my self-esteem got better.

“I joined lots of LGBT societies and began to meet more gay people and even felt comfortable enough in myself to start a relationship.”

The group’s debut album Stars hit the top spot and the follow-up, Act Two hit No.2.

Collabro have been shot for the Attitude Awards issue available to download now and in shops on Wednesday, June 24

Naked athletes we've loved

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Nick Youngquest from the 2009 “Gods of Football” calendar. – Pedro Virgil

Jocks in the buff, inadvertently or not, have given us a lot of pleasure.


One of the fun parts of doing Outsports for the past 15 years have been the stories about naked athletes. They are always fun and popular since they reveal sides of athletes that are almost never meant to be seen. With the advent of blogs and social media, more nudity has been revealed than ever, some intentional and some not.

Here are some personal favorites from the past 15 years:

Austrian rugby team loses 48-0, decides to dance in town naked.
When you lose 48-0 in rugby, you can hide in your room or you can do what this Austrian rugby team did — strip and perform “Singing in the Rain” in a Lithuanian town square. Video below sort-of NSFW:

Santonio Holmes naked in the shower.
We have no idea why the then-Steelers wide receiver decided to take a nude selfie, but it’s clear why he wore #10. Follow this link to the original story, which then has a link to the picture (which is NSFW).

Chris Cooley shows us his playbook and his penis at the same time.
NFL Washington tight end Chris Cooley wanted to post a photo on his blog of how he studies his playbook. Unfortunately, he was nude in his room at the time and didn’t notice his penis peeking out from under the playbook. The team was pissed that Cooley exposed his playbook, his mom that her son made a public spectacle of himself.

Fox Sports shows Viking’s penis to world.

 The same year that Cooley showed us his penis, Fox accidentally showed us Visan the Shiancoe naked in the Minnesota Vikings locker room after a win. It was a good year for tight end penis shots.

Nude selfies of Aussie rugby player show up on Twitter.
George Burgess is one of four totally hot brothers who play pro rugby in Australia. He’s the only one we know of to have nude selfies of himself wind up on Twitter. Suffice to say, Burgess is an impressive man all over.

Warwick rowers get naked to fight homophobia in sports.
The Warwick University rowing team in England has hit on a big money maker with their annual calendar and videos. They are also raising awareness of homophobia in sports, so they are good guys (and gals) doing a good thing while looking hot:


“Gods of Football” release charity calendar
Aussie Rules Football and rugby players teamed up in 2009 for “God of Football” calendar as a fund-raiser for the McGrath Foundation, which provides funding for breast cancer nurses. I always loved this quote from rugger David “Wolfman” Williams: “It’s for a good cause. Plus, I usually get nude for a lot less.” Williams also won the 2009 King of the Hardwood contest, voted on by Outsports readers as the world’s hottest jocks.

As a holiday treat, here are some photos by Pedro Virgil of the “Gods of Football”:

Gods of Football1
Gods of Football3
Gods of Football4
Gods of Football5
Gods of Football6
Gods of Football7
Gods of Football8

The dick pic test: are you happy to show the government yours?

Editorial.  In the past I have written about government intrusion into our lives, about government high tactics (police confiscation of cameras during marches), indeed even about surveillance.  I make no apologies for highlighting this article to all our readers, who I am sure (in the main) have never sent a naked ‘selfie’ of themselves to their lover – but be warned the government is watching you! (Tongue in cheek)


We rarely care about our privacy and surveillance in general terms, but when it comes to specifics we can get very defensive.

Someone looking at pornography on a computer

‘GCHQ did attempt to add some automated filters to protect its staff from seeing too much adult content, but noted there was “no perfect ability” to do this.’ Photograph: Alamy

Wednesday 8 April 2015 16.05 BST

If you’re doing nothing wrong, and have nothing to hide from your government, then mass surveillance holds no fears for you. This argument might be the oldest straw man in the privacy debate, but it’s also a decent reflection of the state of the argument. In the UK’s first major election since the Snowden revelations, privacy is a nonissue.

This is a shame, because when it comes down to it, many of us who are doing nothing wrong have plenty we would prefer to hide.

One student learned that lesson in a hurry a few years ago. He had lent his lecturer – who happened to be me – his laptop to do an online demo as part of a presentation to his postgraduate class. All went well until a new Firefox tab was opened. When you do this, Firefox helpfully previews nine windows from your recent internet history. Unfortunately for the student concerned, five of these showed stills from hardcore porn videos. The material was legal, matched his stated sexual orientation, and was relatively vanilla – nothing he’d necessarily wish to hide – but it’s safe to say he’d rather it hadn’t been projected to his classmates.

The rest of the planned lesson had to be abandoned because of interruption (“What was the title of the one in the top left again? Was that the Busty Milf Teacher one?”) And instead the students got a crash course in internet privacy and anonymity. You have never seen a class so attentive.

We rarely care about our privacy in general terms; when it gets to specifics – can I read your text messages? – we tend to be more defensive. And when we get anywhere near the sexual realm, we get very defensive indeed.

That’s a truth the US comedian John Oliver realises to a much greater extent than many of his journalistic colleagues. In a segment during an interview with Edward Snowden, he vox popped people in Times Square on mass surveillance, only to be received with apathy and confusion. Then he suggested the government was collecting their dick pics – to a unanimously furious

Chatting to the host afterwards, Snowden acknowledged that lots of NSA and GCHQ activity does indeed hoover up dick pics . But he offered some slight reassurance. “Well, the good news is, there’s no program named the Dick Pic Program.”

The strange thing is, there’s something that comes pretty close: the UK intelligence agency GCHQ has collected so many dick pics they’ve become something of a problem for the organisation.

The problem arose, as it were, through a capability codenamed Optic Nerve, which allowed the agency to identify and hoover up any Yahoo webcam imagery that crossed its various bulk interception points across the internet. Rather than just collect the information for specific surveillance targets, the system hovered up virtually everything it saw. In what must surely rank as the most predictable complication in history – though it still apparently took the agency by surprise – it turned out a substantial quantity (up to 11%) of what it was intercepting were pornographic pictures. GCHQ did attempt to add some automated filters to protect its staff from seeing too much adult content, but noted there was “no perfect ability” to do this. Reassuringly (or disturbingly, depending on your point of view), policy documents reminded GCHQ staff that “dissemination of offensive material is a disciplinary offence”.

Such is the reality of modern internet surveillance: the UK’s intelligence agency has, quite literally, taken and stored material from a camera in your bedroom. The UK government has collected what must be one of the world’s largest collection of dick pics (and, for that matter, tit pics), stored them, and on a regular basis viewed – even if unwillingly – quite a lot of them.

And like any disreputable teenager, or modern five-eyes government bound by intelligence-sharing treaties, it will have shared quite a few of those pics with its friends. UK intelligence is typically and automatically shared with the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to the actions of Edward Snowden in leaking documents, of reporters spending months studying them, and editors brave enough to publish the results of that work, we now know about this.

It is currently perfectly possible, and perfectly legal, that a government employee has seen you naked. The question is, are you bothered? Because when we talk about surveillance reform, this is what we’re talking about.

Naked For The First Time

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A fun way to get to know your best mate.

What’s it like to see your buddy naked for the first time after knowing him for years?

Buzzfeed tackled this question over the weekend in one of their latest videos, aptly titled “Guy Friends See Each Other Naked For The First Time.” In the clip, which you can view above, men in a variety of close relationships strip down and bare it all for one another.

The brilliant (and fun) breaking down of traditional expectations of masculinity through shamelessness at play here makes this one of our favorite videos we’ve seen from Buzzfeed… for more reasons than one.