Irish Gay Marriage Vote: Bring Your Family With You

By The Gay UK, Apr 18 2015 06:47PM

A recent poll in Ireland found that 76% of adults believe that that same–sex couples should have a right to marry, now they just have to get them to the Polling Stations on May 22 to vote YES on the national referendum o marriage equality.



The Irish LGBT advocacy group BeLonG To Youth Services has produced a touching ad to make sure people get out and vote … We defy anyone to watch this and not start to get watery eyes.
If the referendum passes, (or hopefully ‘when’) the following line will be added to the country’s constitution: “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.”
Share this video with anyone you know who may know an Irish voter.

Young Gay Film Maker Needs Help To Get To Cannes

By The Gay UK, Apr 17 2015 08:20AM

The ultimate high for every established filmmaker is to have your work accepted by the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, so you can imagine what a remarkable achievement this is when you are still a student and this is your very first film. This is exactly what happened to Robert Doobay a student at the University of Central Florida

Earlier this year in January he created a film with the help of his two best friends Gordon and Andrew for Campus Movie Fest 2015, and when it came to awards time they took home the Top Four and Best Directing Awards. They then got an offer of a screening in Hollywood this coming July, but then in early April, he received an email with news that their short film had been selected to play at Cannes.
Attending Cannes will open up huge doors for anyone who attends, as they will be able to network with industry professionals, attend production workshops, buy and sell rights to production companies, and, of course, watch great films. The problem, a huge one for a student, is that it costs money to get there, so Robert has opened an appeal for help raise this on
We are happy to lend our support and we think you will too after you watch his wee film which will hit a chord with anyone who has ever had a Grindr encounter.
Click on the link to the film, and then you can click on the link to donate. Every little bit will help send this talented young man on his way to fulfill his dream (and maybe encourage him to even get back on line again).
Click here to go directly to the GoFundMe page