Church Oppression of Minorities! When does it Stop?

The ‘Church’ professes to be accepting of all, but it is becoming obvious that this is normally paid lip service to rather than in reality.  Being narrow minded is almost a perquisite for being conservative these days, and with Marcelo Crivella, as the mayor of Rio de Janeiro it may well be that that wonderful place for fun and frolics is slowly going to die, and obviously if the fun stops so will the money coming into the country from visitors.  Surprisngly enough, this has occurred occur in other locations eg. the states of South Dakota, Georgia,Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississipi in the USA.

The Revel & Riot website’s article on LGBTQ PEOPLE AND RELIGION, states that…

Worldwide, fundamentalists of every major religion promote discrimination, hatred and often violence towards LGBTQ people. Because of religion, families are torn apart when misguided teachings conflict with the biologically determined sexual orientation and/or gender identity of a child or parent. Countless LGBTQ people are raised in religious families and experience a great deal of internal conflict and pain as they try to reconcile their own learned beliefs with the reality of who they are.

Religion is supposed to be a refuge from oppression, not to implement it or to condone it because some tennet written by a person in the past said that that kind of person was bad, or evil, or indeed sub-human – wasn’t that what occurred in relation to slaves (and does still today in some countries)!

I would be the first to fight and stand up for everyone to have the right to voice their opinion, but I will not stand by and allow any minority to be oppressed because they don’t fit into the perscribed norm!

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Church MIlitant Logoby Ryan Fitzgerald  •  •  December 21, 2015

And Pope Francis lent a hand

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LJUBLJANA, Slovenia ( – Same-sex “marriage” was shot down by voters in the central European nation of Slovenia last week.

So-called marriage equality had been effectively forced onto the Slovenian people by their parliament in March, but conservatives in the country challenged it and ended up having it put to a vote.

The referendum required at least 343,104 citizens to vote for it to count. More than 380,000, or around 36 percent of the population, turned out, so the results will be enforced.

And the earliest count, with nearly 90 percent of all votes accounted for, shows that about 63 percent voted to repeal “gay marriage.”

That outcome may very well have been helped by Pope Francis, who didn’t hide his views on the matter last Wednesday when he urged Slovenians to stand up for the traditional family.

“I wish to encourage all Slovenians, especially those in public capacity, to preserve the family as the basic unit of society,” His Holiness declared to Slovenians at his general audience.

At the end of the latest cultural battle, despite the prior approval of same-sex “marriage” back in March, there still has not been a single legal marriage between two persons of the same sex in Slovenia