Gay comedy to launch on YouTube this month





Guys Guys, a British comedy series, is to be played in weekly episodes, launching its first three episodes on 7 September.

The series follows the dating misadventures of a newly single guy who’s just moved to London. The guy, played by Kes Baxter, is put in different dating scenarios with a different guest character in each sketch, which undoubtedly goes very wrong, very quickly.

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Written by Kes Baxter along with Lee Butterley it’s based on the successful Dutch web series ‘De Meisjes van Thijs’. Originally starting as an online sketch, it has since been broadcast on Comedy Central in the Netherlands.

Kalki Aporos the series director instantly liked the idea of creating the British version saying: “We loved the character of Thijs and saw a market for something similar in the London gay scene. Guy’s Guys proves that the struggles for awkward people to get a date are universal.

“We have made Guy’s Guys with love and enthusiasm as we basically had no money. Lots of people have dedicated their time and energy into the series, and we hope we’ve produced something that the audience will be able to not only laugh at, but also relate to in some way.”

Check out the trailer for Guy’s Guy here:

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YouTube's #ProudToLove celebration of LGBT Pride Month exudes authenticity


Social video experts Be On evaluate the latest viral campaign from YouTube.

#ProudToLove homes in on the individual, zooming in and out of the legislature and always maintaining a human element. 9/10Marking LGBT Pride Month and the Supreme Court ruling to recognise same-sex marriage across the US, YouTube has released a heart-warming #ProudToLove campaign, showing their support.

In just under two and a half minutes, audiences are drawn in emotionally through scenes of overwhelming positivity and love as top vloggers from around the globe come out to their closest friends and family.

Honest and truly intimate, the campaign is shot in a documentary style and exudes authenticity.

The video includes the likes of Orange Is The New Black star and LGBT advocate, Laverne Cox, as well as Ellen DeGeneres and Ellen Page, alongside regular couples.

The responses from both the cast and the audience are genuine and heart-felt, channelling messages of love and positivity. As one mother points out, “My son is not an issue. He is a person.”

Indeed, #ProudToLove homes in on the individual, zooming in and out of the legislature and always maintaining a human element.

YouTube has utilised its platform to the max, combining meaningful storytelling with a strong social campaign, with online news sources including The Huffington Post, sharing the film with its global readers and amplifying the message.

The video also includes beauty blogger, Ingrid Nilsen, who recently made the headlines after clocking up 9m views for her coming out video.

Here is a campaign that reaches vast audiences, capitalises on talent and engages viewers in a meaningful way.

YouTube Star Joey Graceffa Comes Out As Gay In Magical Music Video

Joey Graceffa has come out as gay in his new music video, and it’s nothing short of a fairy tale.

On May 16, the YouTube star released the video for “Don’t Wait,” which flashes between reality and a magical world. The video features goblins, a witch and, of course, a prince who turns out to be Graceffa’s love interest. At the end, the two share a happily-ever-after kiss in the woods.

After the video went live, Graceffa’s fans and other YouTubers took to Twitter to share their love and support.

Summer Friends – Vintage Male Photography

For those who didn’t spot this article, or who have missed the wonderful video slide shows produced by Wayne Brighton.


It seems that everyone loves vintage photography, including us!  This is the latest video by Wayne Brighton who has put together some pretty incredible videos of vintage guys on his YouTube channel and we love every single one of them.  We aren’t sure where he gets the images as they seem to be actual photos, but the videos are very well done and we hope that he continues to make them!

YouTube star Connor Franta comes out as gay in video

NIGRA has reposted this from the Guardian – we send our support and wish Connor a wonderful Christmas and New |Year.


Vlogging star tells fans that he is gay, saying he has accepted who he is and is ‘happy with that person’
connor franta


connor franta
Connor Franta, who told fans his sexuality does not define him. Photograph: YouTube
Hannah Jane Parkinson
Tuesday 9 December 2014 17.39 GMT

YouTube vlogger Connor Franta, who has more than 3.6m subscribers and upwards of 156 million views, has told fans that he is gay.

In a video entitled simply “Coming Out”, the 22-year-old discussed working through his sexuality and telling family and friends, before deciding to share the news with his online audience.

“I’m sitting here with no script, no plan, no fancy editing, and I’m just gonna be really honest,” he said. “2014 is truly the year that I have accepted who I am and become happy with that person.”

Franta said he had first thought he might be gay when he was 12, but the idea “terrified” him because he was from the Midwest and that was “not a normal thing there”.

Franta’s emotional coming out video to his fans.
Franta dated girls during high school, but said he “felt nothing”, and even became mentally unwell as a result of hiding his feelings. “I thought about it so much that I became obsessed with it … and became depressed.”

The comedian, who makes lifestyle videos including “Living Alone” and “Walking Around Naked”, said his family and friends had been supportive of his coming out and urged others struggling with their sexuality to do so, saying it would “be OK”.

connor franta coming out
Franta becomes emotional at times during the coming-out video. Photograph: YouTube
He also spoke about the information he had sought online from other vloggers and bloggers when he was struggling with his sexuality, and wanted to give others similar advice. “You are who you are and you should love that person,” he said.


His coming out video has already had more than 2 million views and attracted 100,000 comments.

The majority of comments were positive, and conveyed pride, respect and support for Franta, but not all. “Personally I dont support/like gay. But that just my opinion [sic]”, read one of the negative ones.

More than 430,000 people have “liked” the video, while 3,299 have given it the thumbs down.

Franta is the latest high-profile figure to come out on YouTube. Last year the British Olympic diver Tom Daley announced last year that he was bisexual in a short video entitled “Something I want to say …”. It has since been viewed more than 11 million times. In April he declared he was happy to call himself “a gay man now”.

YouTube sensation Eli Lieb's music videos don't lie

Singer tells GSN: ‘I’ve been openly gay my whole career and I don’t think there’s any other way to be’

Photo: Eli Lieb via Twitter

Eli Lieb, whose cover of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball went viral last year on YouTube, likes to sing about love.

But the openly gay artist wants his songs to be relateable to both straight and gay audiences.

‘When you listen, it’s equal,’ he tells Gay Star News. ‘When you see my videos, it’s still equal and I try to make that the point – it’s just love as opposed to a gay relationship.’

While the songs can apply to straight or same-sex love, the videos leave no doubt that Lieb is into men.

‘I just write songs, I write pop songs. But when I make a video, you know (I’m gay) because if I’m writing a love song, I need to have another guy in the video – I’m not going to have a girl.’

Lieb, 35, has been performing for years and in 2009 he began recording covers of popular songs and posting them on YouTube.

He was still living in Fairfield, Iowa, and began to attract a following.

Lieb moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2013 and has since collaborated with such out artists as Adam Lambert, Cheyenne Jackson and Crystal Bowersox.

A year ago, his Wrecking Ball cover put him on the map and it has since had more than 3.5 million views. His single Young Love is not far behind with 2.7 million views and last week he released the video for his latest single Lightning In A Bottle.

He’s happy to be making a name for himself as his authentic self.

‘I’ve been openly gay my whole career,’ he says, ‘and I don’t think there’s any other way to be.’

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