The Rev'd Geo Mervyn Kingston Memorial Service

Last Saturday I had the privilege to attend the memorial service for the Rev’d Mervyn Kingston, a friend to many, including myself, and an inspiration for his cross-community work. I am attaching pdfs for the Order of Service, and a an audio file of the service (over time I will work on cleaning the file up) but for now it has a few extraneous sounds on it due to echo etc.

Mervyn Kingston, was the co-counder of Changing Attitude Ireland, his memorial service was held in St George’s, High Street, Belfast, at 11.30am-12.30pm on Saturday 8 February.

Mervyn Kingston, co-founder of Changing Attitude Ireland, at Belfast Pride in 2010



Copy of Order of Service (PDFs):  M Kingston-1 M Kingston-2 M Kingston-3

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