University Supports LGBT History Month

The question that this article raises, is will either of our universities in Northern Ireland take up the challenge and support LGBT History Month this year and in the future years.  Queen’s University and the Ulster University talk about doing things, but isn’t it about time that they actually did something that stands out in support of our LGBT community?

Published: 26th January 2015 11:28


LGBT History Month takes place every year in February. It celebrates the lives, achievements and promotes awareness of the LGBT community.

As part of the celebrations the University and Portsmouth, supported by the LGBT Staff Forum, is supporting a range of events through the month open to all staff and students:

  • Tuesday 3-Thursday 26 February. In partnership with Portsmouth Film Society, the University will be hosting the ‘Pride LGBT Film Festival’. One of the highlights will the opening night screening on Tuesday 3 February of the recent film release Pride, a historical comedy-drama film about UK gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike in the Summer of 1984. Mike Jackson, the original chairperson of ‘Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners’ and one of the main characters portrayed in the film, with be attending and taking a Q&A after the screening. This in one of seven films being shown throughout the month.
  • Wednesday 11 February. A public lecture by Peter Tatchell, political campaigner best known for his work with LGBT social movements – despite great progress on LGBTI rights in the UK, there are still injustices. Same-sex marriage is separate and unequal to marriage. Equality laws have exemptions for religious organisations. Hundreds of thousands of people are victims of homophobic hate crime and bullying in schools. Many geniune LGBTI refugees are detained and refused asylum. HIV and sex and relationship education mostly ignores LGBTI pupils. Much more needs to be done to secure LGBTI acceptance, equality and inclusion.
  • Wednesday 18 February. Hosted by the University  and Portsmouth City Council, an evening panel event at John Pounds Community Centre, on LGBT equality and prize-winning film screening. Chaired by Dr Páraic Finnerty, speakers include: Dr Soozi Mead, ‘Historians on LGBT History’; Dr Sue Bruley , ‘Uppity women: Lesbians in the Women’s Liberation Movement in 1970s Britain’; Dr Paul Flenley, ‘Gay Rights in Russia: the cultural and political context’; Dr Deborah Shaw, ‘A whistle-stop tour of lesbians on screen’. Film: Sweat (15mins, Dir: John Lochland).

Full details of all events and booking arrangements can be found at


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