Warwick Rowers Not Giving Ifs or Ands—Just Lots of Butts—to Fight Homophobia

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The clothing-challenged altruistic lads of the Warwick Rowers Club are back with another nude calendar to help fight homophobia.

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“We started our calendar to raise funds for our club,” begins the gorgeous voiceover in the behind-the-scenes video of the 2016 Warwick Rowers Calendar. “Then we started hearing from a lot of gay men. They found our calendar and they really liked it. ‘Did we mind having gay fans?’ some of them asked. We didn’t even understand the question. Why would we mind?”

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Realizing that some guys did mind where homophobia is prevalent, particularly in team sports, they decided to start a charity, Sport Allies, to support youth who are victims of bullying and homophobia.

According to the velvet-voiced narrator, the naked calendar has given the Warwick Rowers a chance to make a point:

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These kids are all about embracing everyone regardless of their gender and sexuality, as well as embracing each other sans clothing. And that’s something we can all get on board with. Meanwhile, we should also get on board with 2016: The Return of the Fuzzy Bum.

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You heard it hear first. You can learn more about the naked rowers, Sport Allies and order calendars and other merch here. And check out a preview of the calendar below:

Les Fabian Brathwaite—putting the “wick” in Warwick since 1985.

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