Watch these five people make a powerful point about family

This heart-warming video proves family is family, whether you’re gay or straight

Connor describes what family means to him

Photo: YouTube



What do you think of when you hear the word ‘family’?

Perhaps it’s your parents laughing and squabbling on a car journey, or maybe it’s the kids you’re planning in the future.

Five willing volunteers, Ricardo, Jan, Connor, Yvonne and Danielle, were asked to explain what ‘family’ means to them, revealing the beautifully individual ways their parents have shaped their lives, and what this means for their future relationships.

After sharing their dreams for their weddings and children, it came as a shock to many viewers that – spoiler alert – all five video stars are gay.

By exploring their everyday experiences of family life, the video hopes to prove to critics of same-sex marriage and adoption that a loving family, in whatever form it takes, is something to be celebrated – and, surprisingly enough, has little to do with a person’s sexual orientation.

‘I think a happy family is the kind of family that creates individuals, that are independent as well,’ explained Yvonne.

‘Kids that can be strong and can be very energetic, very out there, but they know they can have that place they can always go back to.’

Many viewers appear to have been shocked by the plot twist at the end of the video.

One commenter, Megan Tomlinson, posted: ‘So glad I liked this video before I knew the ending, made me feel extra happy.’

‘Bit of a shock at the end. Excellent video,’ said another, Conor O’Flaherty.

The video, produced by Irish YouTube channel Facts, comes ahead of the country’s referendum on same-sex marriage, taking place on 22 May.

Watch the video here:

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