Who Gets Fucked? And Why?


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Stallion (Yaoi Press)I bought this booklet / magazine (in Gay’s The Word) because I could not find a gift calendar for a friend with images of (preferably unclothed) East Asian chaps. A Manga comic would be just the ticket – and one that specified that it was Yaoi was even better – a legend on the back of this booklet announces Yaoi = Boys Loving Boys. I don’t know about “loving” but there’s a lot of fucking going on. The Stallion storyboard, while very sexy, is a bit non-specific about the three central characters’ sexual equipment. Probably to ward off the attention of censors.The three are the Native American Savage Stallion (referred to simply as The Pretty in an enclosed sticker, not that the other two boys are plug ugly). There is also The Bad Bill Tempest, a Bad Pill, who is described as a sadist in the text. He also fucks (uninvited) Savage Stallion ‘ the lovely non-WASP ‘ who is shorter than the two honkies. The third person (The Good) is Josey Blackwell, who needs to avenge himself on Bill Tempest. Mainly because Bill Tempest is ” well ” a Bad Pill. Bill Tempest gets his just desserts; more’s the pity, really. He’s exceptionally pretty. His ‘sadism’ is indicated by the fact that he has hair on his chin. And he fucks females (not too vigorously. He fucks Master Blackwell, (again, unasked) in preference to a female floozy in the hotel / saloon / brothel he is staying in.) Savage Stallion and Josey Blackwell have a serious fuck at the end of the story and – it is implied – live happily ever after.Despite the sweaty action all the boy-men in this story are ridiculously pretty (and implicitly well-hung) they spend a good deal of the action naked – especially the Josey Blackwell character. Savage Stallion, being a Redskin, (um! ” ‘Native American’) is barely clothed. Savage Stallion (an exceptionally pretty ‘girl’-boy) is fucked by both the honkies. He is shown as desperately wanting to be fucked by The Good (and lovely) Josey Blackwell. After the climactic fuck the two boys ride off into the future (represented as a desert).Which set me thinking: Who Gets Fucked? In this charming story the ‘Native American’ (‘Redskin’) gets fucked, cruelly by The Bad, and triumphantly (and just as vigorously) by The Good. If such happened in ‘real life’ would the ‘Red’ boy being fucked by either White boy be entirely certain about his response? In A Very British Sex Scandal the WASP Peter Wildeblood, was pictured fucking the Scottish-Irish, working class, Catholic, conscript soldier Edward McNally (Sam Heughan). Is that an entirely accurate image of their relationship? Or is there in the Noughties (Stallion is dated: First printing July 2006), still a notion about that being fucked is to be in a lesser, receptive, – passive – role? The above echo David Rees’s 1987 novel, The Hunger, (GMP – now Millivres) in which the short, slender, credulous / superstitious, – passive – ‘native’ Irish boy is fucked / protected by an older English (not even Anglo-Irish) soldier. This is in the course of ?ün G rta M r, the Great Hunger of the 1840s, so-described to distinguish it from the comparatively minor annual hungers from the 1690s to the 1890s. It is not too gross to infer that this is something of an image of the relations between the two countries. Not unlike the relations between France and Morocco as exemplified in books by metropolitan French ‘?”sthetes’ in which they drool over fucking very young Arab and Berber boys.I hope the above is not too heavy-duty a thesis to lay on the reader, but it is striking that Savage Stallion does not get to screw anybody. He is definitely and definably an ‘outcast’ – like the Irish boy in The Hunger, – and like him is something of a girl-boy. As is, to an extent, the husky Private McNally (Sam Heughan) in the ‘drama-doc’, A Very British ”.It is quite odd, in that this wee book carries the legend For Women Readers, and the editors, authors, and in particular, artists, are all women. It bears a US dollar price, ($12.95) and was printed in the USA. But K?öSEN is described as the “Famed Spanish Studio”. Which means that there is a women’s international dedicated to making images of beautiful boys fucking each other’s brains out. There are also representations of male on male oral sex. (It was accepted decades ago that women liked the thought of, and looking at images of, cute men snogging or in sexual foreplay. But these Yaoi Press comics brings this interest into a different dimension.) What does that say about Gay Liberation? Or about feminism?It casts Germaine Greer’s recent book about beautiful boys (meaning boys) in an interesting light. The second story in this publication is Eien (Japanese for ‘eternity’) “Story and Art by K?öSEN” it involves vampirism and little is left to the imagination. The third, and last, Cancellation of Darkness “[a]rt by Amelia Woo, Story by Laila Reimoz”. It has a ‘beautiful haunted boy’ theme, and strays very close to p?”dophilia. Yet another legend claims: “All characters depicted in sexual situations are aged 18 or older.” Kai (the haunted boy) is pictured as very young, and he is fucked by Bradley the (admittedly, just about) adult psychic (presumably) investigator. Though there iSean ambiguity in the last panel. Has Bradley defeated Kai’s internal monster – or morphed into him? (There’s no question; the monster is quite definitely a ‘him’).The art work is very interesting as the boys’ have virtually no bulges at the crotch. But the incidence of pistols, rifles, knives, swords, axes, violin bows, pogo-sticks, a huge pair of scissorSeand very penile trees [!] ensue that only holy innocents will remain unaware of what is going on. That is quite apart from seven fuck scenes, as many images of oral Gay male sex, and the fact that Savage Stallion and Josey Blackwell spend an unconscionable (and entertaining) amount of time in the buff.Se n McGouran

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