Who is under scrutiny?

In the past I have written on various areas in which our civil liberties have been encroached on or battered down by various government departments; so it will not surprise you that when I read the article about GCHQ ‘spying’ on Amnesty International that I had to comment on it.

As I have indicated before, I respect the rights of government to protect us, and in deed in times of war to implement measures that in open times would seem draconian.  However, government needs to be monitored;indeed I would say they need to be under continuoys scrutiny,  the fact that Amnesty was monitored, and now according to the courts illegally, only seeks to highlight why we need to scrutinise government more closely.

Here is the link to the article, I hope that you read it, and find it both interesting and also alarming that GCHQ did this, but that we still don’t know why, and who authorised it!

Spooky action at an unknown distance – GCHQ and Amnesty International



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