Why should society be inclusive?

As you may know Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month is celebrated every year in February. During 2011 and 2012, the focus of the Month has been sport.  But inclusivity is not just restricted to sport and the month of February.

A report from Canada has shown that workplace barriers persist for LGBT employees. Respondents cited three factors that affected their career advancement and the formation of critical relationships in the workplace: a lack of awareness regarding LGBT issues, discriminatory behaviours, and exclusion from important connections with others. LGBT women reported less positive relationships with their managers than LGBT men and non-LGBT women and men did. LGBT employees at organizations with diversity and inclusion programs, policies, and practices, as well as those with broader talent management programs, were more satisfied and committed, described their workplace as more fair, and had more positive relationships with their managers and colleagues.   (Building LGBT-Inclusive Workplace)

In Equality Britain they site the following:

Equality Britain believes that individuals have the right to be free from prejudice and discrimination.

Fairness and equality is not just a “good thing” but imperative in a changing and complex world.

It has been proved that by valuing diversity, organisations bring benefits to the people they work with and their local communities, as well as to themselves.

A diverse organisation draws upon the widest possible range of views and experiences, so it can listen to, and meet, the changing needs of its staff, volunteers and partners.

So where is this article leading?  Well on the 20th June the marriage of X-Men hero Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle is set to take place the the publication Astonishing X-Men #50, published by Marvel Comics. (Polari Magazine)


Why is this an important landmark; well inclusivity is about recognising differences and including them within all areas of society – and this is just as important for all areas of writing – if the LGBT community is seen to be visible and incorporated within natural things and traditions of society then we are included and accepted and homophobia and bullying will cease!





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